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R&D 100 AWARD .... Mercury Removal/Recovery Process has been accorded the prestigious R&D 100 Award and named by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant new products in 1994.

THREE RIVERS ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD .... MRS has been honored in its own community through the Three Rivers Environmental Award which was presented to MRS for "commitment to environmental excellence, leadership, and accomplishment".

MOST NOVEL TECHNOLOGY AWARD .... 1994 Pittsburgh Growth Capital Conference

"TOP 25 EMERGING ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES" .... MRS was one of five companies selected for a special write-up in a Forbes Magazine supplement highlighting the "25 top new environmental technology companies to watch".



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MRS  completed a commercial project involving the successful treatment of soil from 6,000 metering sites along the natural gas pipeline system in the western United States.

During this 18-month project, MRS� 12-ton per day mobile unit processed in excess of 6,000 tons of soil containing 100-2,000 ppm of mercury with excellent results. The residual total mercury in the treated soil was consistently below 2 ppm, TCLP results were below detection limits, more than 3,500 pounds of metallic mercury were recovered for sale and recycling, and the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

SOIL TYPE Untreated (ppm) Treated (ppm) (mg/kg)
Sandy 15,000 0.07 0.0005
Clay 900 0.12 0.0008
Loam 255 0.05 0.0025
EPA Limit......... 0.2000
*Estimated based upon 100% Leaching

The process was permitted for operation by state authorities within four (4) weeks of filing an application and was exempted from RCRA, air, and solid waste permits due to its low-volume air flow and the lack of any secondary waste.

Average monthly commercial mercury removal results:

Month As-Received After Treatment** TCLP
1 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.6 mg/kg BDL*
2 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.5 mg/kg BDL*
3 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.6 mg/kg BDL*
4 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.7 mg/kg BDL*
5 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.7 mg/kg BDL*
6 500-2,000 mg/kg 1.1 mg/kg BDL*
7 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.8 mg/kg BDL*
8 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.6 mg/kg BDL*
9 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.7 mg/kg BDL*
10 500-2,000 mg/kg 0.7 mg/kg BDL*
* BDL Below Detection Limits ** 2.0 mg/kg target specification

Based upon the low residual total mercury content in the treated soil, state authorities permitted MRS� client to utilize the soil as "fill", thereby enabling all material to be recycled, eliminating the need to landfill, and ending all future liability relating to this material.