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R&D 100 AWARD .... Mercury Removal/Recovery Process has been accorded the prestigious R&D 100 Award and named by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant new products in 1994.

THREE RIVERS ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD .... MRS has been honored in its own community through the Three Rivers Environmental Award which was presented to MRS for "commitment to environmental excellence, leadership, and accomplishment".

MOST NOVEL TECHNOLOGY AWARD .... 1994 Pittsburgh Growth Capital Conference

"TOP 25 EMERGING ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES" .... MRS was one of five companies selected for a special write-up in a Forbes Magazine supplement highlighting the "25 top new environmental technology companies to watch".



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MERCURY RECOVERY SERVICES (MRS) is an environmental technology company specializing in the removal and recovery of mercury. MRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology, Inc. (PMET); headquartered in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of mercury removal and recycling, MRS is dedicated to providing safe, cost-effective, environmentally sound services and technology to companies facing mercury contamination and emission problems. 

MRS offers a wide range services that include:
� Comprehensive materials characterization,
� On-site processing,
� Equipment sale or lease,
� Technology licensing, and
� Process optimization and technical support.

Regardless of the services that MRS provides, our goal is to:
� Provide mobile and fixed site processing solutions,
� Operate as a mercury recycler, NOT a  hazardous waste Transfer, Storage & Disposal TSD facility,
� Eliminate Hg based environmental liability, and
� Provide a �ZERO� waste stream solution.

MRS� leadership position in the processing of mercury-containing materials results from its exclusive use of its patented Mercury Removal/Recovery (MR2) Process, a medium-temperature thermal process that has been designated Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) by the U.S. Environmental Agency and proven on a commercial scale to reduce mercury to insignificant levels and recover 99% pure metallic mercury for reuse.

Due to the high efficiency of mercury removal, recovery, and subsequent recycling, use of the MR2 process eliminates the lingering liability normally associated with the disposal of hazardous wastes which is inherent in competitive processes.

MRS has expanded its technology platforms to include the patented Mercury Emissions ReCovery & Sequestration (MERCS)  process.  This technology recovers the Hg from flue gas while regenerating the Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) for reuse in the Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) system.

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MRS, formed in 1993, is an industry leader in Hg removal & recovery technologies:


> Final engineering and design of our first commercial installation of the MERCS process is proceeding.  This system is scheduled to go online 2nd quarter 2010 at a domestic cement plant. 


> A Small Volume MR2 unit is available for immediate deployment.  Please call for details.


> Recent innovations and process expertise has led to the development of a continous High Volume MR2 process.


The combined depth and breadth of expertise, skills, and experience provided by the combined staffs of MRS and PMET, the founding company, gives MRS the ability to customize both its process and equipment for specific projects and to respond to customers' needs promptly, thoroughly, safely, and economically.


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