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R&D 100 AWARD .... Mercury Removal/Recovery Process has been accorded the prestigious R&D 100 Award and named by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant new products in 1994.

THREE RIVERS ENVIRONMENTAL AWARD .... MRS has been honored in its own community through the Three Rivers Environmental Award which was presented to MRS for "commitment to environmental excellence, leadership, and accomplishment".

MOST NOVEL TECHNOLOGY AWARD .... 1994 Pittsburgh Growth Capital Conference

"TOP 25 EMERGING ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES" .... MRS was one of five companies selected for a special write-up in a Forbes Magazine supplement highlighting the "25 top new environmental technology companies to watch".



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MERCURY RECOVERY SERVICES (MRS) identified the need for a high volume mercury (Hg) recovery system that operates within our process standards:

  • Provide mobile or fixed site processing,
  • Operate as a mercury recycler producing >99.9% pure metallic Hg,
  • Eliminate Hg based environmental liability, and
  • Have a "ZERO" waste discharge facility.

Using our experience from small volume (batch) MR2 and the continuous MERCS processes, MRS has developed the continuous high volume MR2 process.

This process adaptation has the advantage of:

  • Being more cost effective than off-site retorting and HAZMAT shipping,
  • Processing wet or dry feeds at a rate upto 2 tons per hour,
  • Producing metallic mercury, and 
  • Achieving less than 2 ppm Hg on the residual solids which will pass TCLP.

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